Defining Perfection

The Story of Ben Hogan

William Ben Hogan was born in Texas on August 13, 1912 and died on July 25, 1997. His legacy as one of the best golfers of all time, prolific instructor, and superior golf equipment producer will live on forever.

Ben Hogan’s ability to strike the ball was unparalleled.

He won nine major championships and is one of only five golfers to have won the Masters Tournament, The British Open, The US Open, and the PGA Championship.

An early start

His love of golf began early.

At age 11, Hogan began his golfing career as a caddy. In 1930, just six months before his 18th birthday, he went pro at the Texas Open.

Years of perseverance

But professional success came later.

He didn't win his first pro tournament until 1940, at the age of 28. For many years, he leaned on his wife Valerie for support as he continued to work at his golf game. Finally, after years of struggle, he won his first major championship, the 1946 PGA Championship, at age 34.

A Legendary Career

In 1953, he entered six tournaments and won five.

Between 1938 and 1959, Hogan won 63 tournaments despite serving for two years in the war, holding jobs at local country clubs, and a serious car accident. He remains the only player to win the Masters, U.S. Open, and British Open in the same calendar year (1953).

Play like the Legends

Ben Hogan founded his Company in 1953 … the same year he won The Masters, The U.S. Open, and the Open Championship. He promised to do things differently, and to manufacture clubs 'as near perfect as modern-day tools can perform'. Like Ben Hogan, we are challenging the status quo to bring you 'the finest golf equipment money can buy' at more affordable prices than ever before. Golf equipment has gotten too expensive, and the process of buying it is far too complicated. We're changing that with our direct-to-consumer model.