Lofts VS. Numbers

Because it's the ultimate expression of precision... the way Mr. Hogan played the game. In today's irons category, the numbers on the clubs have been rendered almost meaningless, as there are no standards for "what that means". Today's 6-irons, for example, range from 26-31 degrees.

Further complicating the problem is that the industry's relentless pursuit of distance has compressed the loft differences in the longer irons and expanded those differences in your short irons - exactly the opposite of what you would want for increased distance control where it counts the most.

In this "typical" set of modern irons, you can see the loft differences between the longer irons is only 2.5-3 degrees, but increases to 5 degrees between the 8 and 9, and 9 and "P". So an eight iron set covers only 25 degrees from 20 to 45, instead of the 30 degrees or more covered by that same 3-P set only 25 years ago. How can that make you a better player?

  • Your exact loft matrix 'fixes' the industry's compression of lofts at the long end of the set by expanding the loft gaps back to the historic 4°, which delivers better distance differentials.
  • Your exact loft matrix 're-compresses' the loft differences at the short end of the set to give you improved distance control in prime scoring range.
  • A set of "Hogans" covers the range of lofts from 20 to 45 degrees with one less iron, allowing you room for one more wedge to improve your scoring arsenal.
  • Your personal loft matrix is optimized to your strength profile and launch angle tendencies to fine-tune trajectories like never before.





As close to perfection as you can get.

Only with the Ben Hogan PreciseLoft™ System can each golfer have their irons fitted to optimize their personal launch profile. In each model - FT. WORTH blades and PTx game improvement irons - you can select the exact loft matrix that will deliver the trajectory pattern you desire.

In either model, the 28 lofts can be arranged in four different configurations to produce exactly the right launch profile to fit your game. Below are all the available PreciseLoft configurations for iron sets:

Low Launch Profile:
20° / 24° / 28° / 32° / 36° / 40° / 44°

Mid Launch Profile:
21° / 25° / 29° / 33° / 37° / 41° / 45°

Mid / High Launch Profile:
22° / 26° / 30° / 34° / 38° / 42° / 46°

High Launch Profile:
23° / 27° / 31° / 35° / 39° / 43° / 47°