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Our story

We are proud to continue the founding mission of the Ben Hogan Golf Company - to make the highest-quality and best-performing golf equipment in the world.

Ben Hogan founded his company in 1953… the same year he won The Masters, The US Open and the Open Championship. He promised to do things differently, and to manufacture clubs 'as near perfect as modern-day tools can perform'.

Mr. Hogan's words, philosophy and commitment to innovation continue to inspire us today. We continue to challenge the status quo to bring you 'the finest golf equipment money can buy' at great value prices.

We believe that golf equipment has become too expensive, and the process of buying it is far too complicated. We're changing that.

Buy direct from the factory

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We only sell our clubs via BenHoganGolf.com - which means you don't pay the retail mark-up or marketing costs of the other big equipment brands. And that means you can get your hands on tour-quality products for about half the price of what you would pay for similar clubs, bags and accessories at a golf shop.

Hand crafted in Texas

Unlike many larger golf equipment companies, we still design, assemble and ship our products in the United States. We think it's important to use the same basic manufacturing techniques that Ben Hogan pioneered in his original factory - located just a few miles from our facility in Fort Worth, Texas.


When Mr. Hogan founded his Company way back in 1953, his goal was to manufacture “the best-quality and highest-performing” golf equipment in the world. We still live by that mission today. Nothing we produce ever leaves our factory until we feel confident that it would make Mr. Hogan proud.


Though some of the components used on Ben Hogan golf clubs are manufactured overseas, all assembly, quality control, and shipping is done in our Fort Worth, Texas factory… only a few miles from Mr. Hogan’s original factory. Call some of the larger equipment manufacturers and ask where their assembly is done. You might be surprised.

No retail markup

We think the retail prices of golf equipment is simply out of control. £500+ for a new driver? £2,500+ for a new set of irons? We don’t have any fancy buildings, no salesforce, minimal tour endorsements and marketing budgets. Plus, we only sell online, directly to you, so you don’t pay the 40% - 60% mark-up most retailers charge you for the privilege of shopping in their stores.

Making my Hogans

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