Engineered for accuracy. Forged for feel.

Many modern wedges bear a striking similarity to those dating back to the 1950s, the ones Ben Hogan said should not be hit over 40 yards.   What Ben Hogan knew was that wedges constructed with heavily weighted sole and extremely thin upper face caused very inconsistent distances with full swings.

That insight inspired our engineers to completely re-think wedge design.  We set out with the objective of developing a versatile set of scoring 'instruments' that performed exceptionally well on both full and partial shots.  Plus, they had to be more versatile around the greens … in the rough, on the fairway, in the bunkers … than any other wedge.
Ben Hogan TK wedges accomplished our goal.  More importantly, they will help you become a much better wedge player. 


They look different because they play different.

Trajectory and distance control are the two biggest scoring range challenges for golfers of all skill levels. Our extensive testing on swing robots and with hundreds of golfers have proven that some of those problems are caused by your wedge design itself.

In Ben Hogan TK wedges, our engineers re-distributed the mass more evenly across the back of the club head to fix these faults.  In turn, they deliver more penetrating trajectories on full swings, and the distance control on all shots that is so important to scoring range performance.  Plus, Ben Hogan TK wedges are easier to flight down and much more responsive to those “in-between” shots around the greens. 


Precision is Back Ben Hogan Golf

The part of the game where feel counts the most.

Ben Hogan believed only a quality forging could deliver the feel and feedback crucial to a solid short game. And we concur.

Ben Hogan TK wedges are forged from 1025 carbon steel in a six step process that delivers extraordinary club-to-club consistency.  Simply put, this provides the ultimate performance and feel that you simply can't find in a cast wedge.


Precision is Back Ben Hogan Golf


The most versatile sole design in golf.

Turf conditions are never consistent. Neither are golf swings. Even tour pros’ divots are not always the same. And we all often change our swing path on purpose to hit different shots...

At the heart (and sole) of every Ben Hogan TK wedge is our V-SOLE® design. For each loft, we blend a high-bounce leading edge with a lower-bounce sole and trailing edge.  Ben Hogan TK wedges can handle any lie or shot you might face. 

Precision is Back Ben Hogan Golf


Independently designed gap, sand and loft wedges


Wedges have to be the most precisely engineered clubs in your bag.  That's why we designed our wedges independently of one another with focused precision.

With Ben Hogan TK wedges, as loft decreases from the lob wedge down to the gap wedge, some of the mass is gradually redistributed more toward the heel and toe, and higher on the club head. This ensures optimum trajectories on full shots, and improved distance control anywhere. And shots caught high on the face fly almost exactly like a well-struck shot.

Distance control is the real measure of a good wedge player.  Ben Hogan TK wedges are engineered to help you be the best wedge player you can be. 


Precision is Back Ben Hogan Golf


More options in the short end of your set.

Bending a wedge can compromise its bounce and offset.  In the ultimate commitment to the precision Ben Hogan demanded, we offer Ben Hogan TK wedges in every loft from 48 to 63 degrees.

Now, every golfer can put together the exact set of 3-4 wedges that will optimize their distance gapping in prime scoring range and blend to their iron lofts... whether those irons are Ben Hogans or not.


Precision is Back Ben Hogan Golf