26th October 2021

Like many businesses, the global Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our usual operations. As well as forcing us to close our Texas custom-build facility for six weeks at the start of the pandemic, it has also disrupted global supply chains and continues to impact our ability to source critical components for some models.

Due to the pandemic, there is also a global shortage of golf clubs grips and we are currently experiencing delays for our Ben Hogan signature grips. In the interim your clubs may be built with plain "Lamkin" grips to facilitate club delivery.

We’re working as hard and as quickly as possible to fulfil orders, but without compromising on the quality and craftsmanship that Mr Hogan insisted on. Please bear with us while our dedicated teams micro-manufacture your clubs.  We’re confident that you won’t be disappointed and thank you for your patience.

In normal times we're able to ship custom-crafted golf equipment within two weeks, however due to ongoing issues caused by the pandemic it may take four weeks for your order to be built and shipped to you. Please bear in mind that this is only if your order is not affected by one of the specific "delayed dates" section below.

Our European customer service team are available between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday to answer any questions - please contact them on +44 (0) 800 170 0186 or email europe@benhogangolf.com


Delayed Dates

Putter Grips - SuperStroke 2.0 and 3.0- delays until 30th December 21 due to supply issues.

Edge EX - currently unavailable until 30th October 2021

We are also temporarily suspending shipments of soft goods and stand bags to Europe, due to issues linked to Brexit.

Scott White


The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company