Demo GS53 Driver - Europe 10.5 Degrees

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Demo GS53 Driver - Europe 10.5 Degrees



GS53 Driver[/title]

A titanium driver with a forged face that looks and sounds as pretty as it plays.

If you bought a new driver (or two) in the last decade, you saw your accuracy improve dramatically and your distance off the tee increased by 20, 40, even 60 yards … right? No? We didn’t think so.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the clubhouse. Marketing claims around drivers are out of control. Most manufacturers need golfers to buy new drivers every year or two – at massively inflated prices – to fund enormous advertising budgets and hefty Tour player endorsements. In turn, the price of drivers in retail shops has exploded. It’s a vicious circle.

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company doesn’t play those games. When we set out to design and build our new GS53 Driver, we did so with the serious golfer in mind. We used the most advanced, proven materials and technologies to develop one of the best-looking and best-performing modern drivers available. It’s a driver that lives up to the Ben Hogan name and promise.

The GS53 Driver is designed to deliver all the distance and accuracy allowed by golf’s governing bodies, forged and crafted in titanium for precision and performance, and is available for about half of what you’d pay for a comparable driver from one of the big, mass market brands.

[/tab]Forged Face[/title]

Forged clubs provide exceptional feel. They also deliver exceptional distance and forgiveness.

Ben Hogan knew that forging is a superior way to manufacture golf equipment. The forging process is expensive and time consuming, especially with titanium, but it provides the feel and performance that investment cast products can’t deliver. Like Mr. Hogan, we simply won’t take short cuts or use inferior manufacturing techniques that can reduce quality or performance.

The GS53 Driver head is made using two separate pieces of titanium to optimize both distance and forgiveness. The body is crafted first, then a highly engineered, forged 6-4 titanium face is laser welded into place. The multi-step forging process ensures that the molecular structure of the titanium face is tight, uniformly consistent and free from “dead” spots.

The forged titanium face is engineered with varying thicknesses to increase the size of the Effective Hitting Area (EHA). Ben Hogan engineers utilized a design feature called Face Flex to maximize response at impact, especially on off-center hits. The ultra-thin face is crafted within the absolute tightest thickness tolerances - from toe to heel and sole to crown - to ensure more active and livelier ball flight across the entire face. and to minimize distance loss on off-center hits.

You can thank the laws of science (and our engineers) for extra forgiveness in the GS53 Driver, too. The scorelines are precision milled into the forged titanium face at exact and consistent depths. Plus, bulge and roll was precisely engineered for the specific geometry of the face to counteract the so-called gear effect and bring shots struck toward the heel or toe back on line, or tame the trajectory of shots struck high or low.


Adjust lie, loft and face angle simply and easily.

Ben Hogan’s proprietary adjustable hosel is ingeniously designed, yet simple and easy to use. Change the loft of the driver up to two (2) degrees from the base loft – one degree stronger or weaker. You can also change the lie angle and face angle from square to open or closed, and “tune” your driver to your specifications and/or desired shot shape.

All adjustments can be made in a matter of seconds on any range, by any golfer, using the adjustment wrench provided. Best of all, the eight (8) settings are easily identifiable and don’t require re-orientation of shaft graphics or grip position. So, you’ll be able to keep the shaft and grip aligned to your personal preference no matter which setting you select.

View Flight Control tuning instructions.

[/tab]Traditional Shaping[/title]

Traditional shape and pleasing sound.

The engineers at Ben Hogan Golf developed the GS53 Driver with extra attention to detail in regard to club head shape and sound at impact. We heard from too many serious players that many drivers on the market today are closed at set up, or otherwise don’t “look right.” They also told us the sound generated at impact by some drivers using various space-age materials is deadened, and can’t provide the feedback of a driver made from one material.

The Ben Hogan GS53 Driver’s 450cc head is traditionally shaped, with a squared-off toe for more visual appeal at set up. This provides added confidence and reduces a subconscious desire to manipulate the club head position, or worse yet, swing path, to overcome discomfort with the club head alignment.

Additionally, the sound of the GS53 Driver was acoustically tuned to provide a pleasing sound and, in turn, better feedback. You’ll love the solid, crisp sound of a well-struck drive.



Accurate and Forgiving


Don’t just take our word for it