Demo Long Iron Replacement - VKTR+ Hybrid - Europe 22 degree

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Demo Long Iron Replacement - VKTR+ Hybrid - Europe 22 degree




Ben Hogan once said, “the most important shot in golf is the next one.” We think he may have been thinking about longer shots when he uttered those famous words, because typically the longer - or positioning - shots make or break your score. And as most golfers know, hitting an accurate long iron or fairway wood ... the ones that get you to a spot on the course where you can attack the hole ... are some of the most difficult shots in the game.

Hybrid golf clubs went mainstream a decade or so ago because they offered never-before-seen versatility on the course. Yet Mr. Hogan was developing hybrid-style clubs more than 65 years ago because he knew that, when perfected, they would be easier to hit than long irons and more accurate than fairway woods. At the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, our engineers picked up where Mr. Hogan left off -- meshing his insistence on craftsmanship and precision with the latest technology and materials.

Enter the VKTR+ hybrid, an all-new club that’s easier to hit than most hybrids on the market and far more accurate. 

[/tab]The Right Look[/title]

The right look inspires the proper swing.

Golfers who struggle to hit longer irons will appreciate the slightly larger clubhead size of VKTR+ that makes it more forgiving. Yet when better players hit hybrids -- as many Tour professionals do -- they like to look down at address and see a classic-shaped clubhead with a high toe. VKTR+ hybrids exemplify that aesthetic. The higher toe helps punctuate a more iron-like and less wood-like appearance, encouraging you to swing down on the ball and not sweep it like a wood. That’s what makes a good hybrid effective. VKTR+ also has an elegant, distraction-free look -- clean lines and few graphics – which is intended to inspire the visual confidence you’re seeking to get the job done.


[/tab]What's Inside[/title]

What's inside really matters, too.

The VKTR+ hybrid is constructed from two separate types of steel, has minimal offset, and sports a bulge-and-roll clubface with variable face thickness -- all of which work in concert to get shots airborne quickly and fly gracefully far with tight accuracy. As with all Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company products, the clubface is forged for purer feel and better feedback that better players prefer. The face is made of 455 Miraging Steel, which is a very hard and durable material that’s perfect for thinning down to increase spring-like effect in shots struck anywhere across the face. That means more shots perform as if you’ve hit them solidly, regardless of where on the face you make impact. Inside the hollow 17-4 stainless steel body, discretionary weight and sound-tuning ‘vents’ are placed strategically to create solid feel and acoustics.

[/tab]Finish and Options[/title]

VKTR+ hybrids are available in lofts of 18 (comparable to a #3-iron), 22 (#4-iron) and 26 degrees (#5-iron) and, like all Ben Hogan Golf clubs, offered with a number of premium aftermarket shafts. 

Don’t underestimate the widespread aesthetic appeal of VKTR+ hybrids. They feature a high-gloss black crown and contrasting matte-finished face. The sole combines a polished chrome plate surrounded by a black front and back, with the rear portion sporting a red anodized fixed weight screw. Graphics on the sole include the red-and-black Ben Hogan signature logo and the white “VKTR+” near the clubface. Hogan’s renowned red BH Sunburst logo is displayed on the toe, and the red loft with a white iron equivalent appears along the hosel. 

Accurate and Forgiving


Don’t just take our word for it