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ICON Black Irons
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ICON Black Irons

A modern classic is born.

You'll be inspired by their great looks. You'll be wowed by their incredible performance.


ICON Black Irons


  • A modern classic is born.

    His words linger as if they were just written today. “Best performing, best feel and with the best eye appeal.” That’s what the legendary Ben Hogan typed out to PGA Professionals, in a 1953 letter promising the merits of his new brand’s debut clubs. Ever since, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company has embraced this mantra with every golf club we’ve produced.  

    And the new ICON irons are textbook Hogan, carrying on that heritage of high-quality, beautifully forged, contemporary muscle backs and placing it in a re-imagined package. Designed with the graceful blend of traditional styling and modern performance, they’re well-suited for accomplished players wanting to work the ball. True shot makers will consider these their new best friends -- thanks to an inviting look, top-notch craftsmanship, and several key trademarks incorporated into the design. 

    Think about everything better players look for and demand in their irons. Thin topline. Minimal offset. Clean, pure and elegant shaping. Compact head size. ICON embodies all of it. It's the kind of club the Ben Hogan brand is known for and epitomizes Hogan’s “forged feel feedback” theme. Take comfort in knowing that ICON gives you the opportunity to hit your mark on every shot while feeling the satisfying, buttery pureness of flush contact. Hogan once described that blissful sensation as running from your hands up your arms and into your heart. There’s nothing else quite like it in golf. 

    A single focus on performance with two finish options.

    The standard 4-iron-through-pitching-wedge set configuration is available in a traditional and durable nickel chrome finish, as well as a darker and sultry DBM (Diamond Black Metal). Regardless of the finish, the iron number is etched in red along the sole. Graphics on the rear include the BH sunburst and Ben Hogan signature logos -- as well as “ICON” subtly engraved into the high toe and “FORGED” along the length of the hosel.

    Ben Hogan ICON irons

    The Diamond Black Metal finish is incredibly durable; much more so than 'painted' dark finishes used by other companies. The Diamond Black Metal finish reduces wear on the grooves so better players can impact the spin necessary to shape shots left and right, or flight shots up and down. The Diamond Black Metal finish adds no weight to the club head.

    ICON chrome irons have a nickel-chrome finish for players who prefer a more traditional look. Nickel-chrome is also very durable, and has been a proven way to protect forged club heads and ensure they look great for years to come.

    Either way, the ICON irons and will deliver that soft, buttery feel that all Ben Hogan forged irons and wedges are famous for.

  • Progressive Center of Mass Weighting.

    Regardless of which iron in the set you’re hitting, you want a ball flight that’s length- and trajectory-optimised for that particular situation. Our “Progressive Center of Mass” weighting system delivers just that. There’s more weight positioned higher in the short, scoring irons to generate a lower ball flight for better control while eliminating any ballooning. That helps you find the pin more often. On the long and mid-irons, weight is located progressively lower to help generate higher shot trajectory with more spin. Where we step it up: Each loft has a visible weight pad in the rear with a unique size, shape and position for that specific loft and clubhead. It makes for a seamless performance transition from one iron to the next. 

  • Like Mr. Hogan would have done it.

    Other companies have openly jacked down their iron lofts for years -- so you can brag about how far you hit any particular iron. But that also creates lopsided distance gaps between irons. We'd rather give you reliable and consistent gaps throughout your set -- and provide you with the ability to add another long iron or wedge. That's why Ben Hogan was adamant about gapping each iron in a set by exactly four degrees from the next. And we still incorporate that practice into all of our iron set designs. When combined with a calculated graduation in length, width and head thickness, this formula leads to a perfectly balanced set of clubs. Hogan knew that this level of precision would give golfers much more consistency and flow throughout the set, with respect to performance and feel -- invoking the confidence that better players rely on in their irons.

    Ben Hogan Black ICON irons
  • Modified sole shapes independently designed for each specific iron.

    No golfer is perfect. So at some point, you’re going to have to negotiate shots from the rough. Or worse. And that’s where a friendly sole will help your club glide easier through that turf so you can make more solid contact with the ball. In the case of ICON, the enhanced V-SOLE® sports a high-bounce leading edge and soft, lower-bounce trailing edge. Regardless of the length or thickness of the grass, this V-shaped sole cuts right through as if you were hitting from the heart of the fairway. It's simply the most versatile sole in golf -- shaped to be forgiving and prevent digging.

    Ben Hogan ICON Black Irons
  • Club Loft Length Lie Tour V Swing Weight Tour 90 / Recoil Swing Weight Dynamic Gold Swing Weight Leading / Trailing V-Sole Bounce Offset
    4 22° 39.00” 60.00° D2 D1 D4 10° / 3° .120
    5 26° 38.25” 61.00° D2 D1 D4 12° / 3° .110
    6 30° 37.50” 62.00° D2 D1 D4 13° / 3° .100
    7 34° 37.00” 62.50° D2 D1 D4 15° / 3° .092
    8 38° 36.50” 63.00° D2 D1 D4 15° / 2° .084
    9 42° 36.00” 63.50° D2 D1 D4 19° / 2° .076
    PW 46° 35.75” 64.00° D3 D2 D5 19° / 2° .068


    Shaft Flex Weight Launch Spin


    KBS Tour V Stiff
    KBS Tour 90 Regular
    True Temper- Dynamic Gold R300


    UST Recoil 760/780 with SmacWrap 760 F2- Senior Flex
    760 F3- Regluar flex
    780 F4- Stiff Flex

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