Player's Combo Set - PTx PRO 4i-7i Icon 8i-PW

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Player's Combo Set - PTx PRO 4i-7i Icon 8i-PW




For many serious golfers, the quest for a ‘perfect’ set of irons is a never-ending one.  All too often, players will find irons from a certain ‘part’ of a set - the long, mid, or short irons - just don’t work for them.  In many cases, the long irons don’t have enough game-enhancement technology and the shorter, scoring irons have too much.

That’s where our Player’s Combo Set shines. It gracefully blends the best of our top iron models - PTx PRO and ICON irons - with our new long-iron alternatives; the UiHi utility irons or VKTR+ hybrids.  The result is perfectly streamlined and customised player’s set.

The basic set configuration is three ICON blade irons (#8, #9 and Pitching Wedge), and three PTx PRO irons (#5, #6, and #7 irons).  The seventh and longest club in the set is your choice.

You can simply add the PTx PRO #4 iron to round out your seven-piece Player’s Combo Set or you can select our new, easy-to-hit UiHi utility club or incredibly accurate VKTR+ hybrid.

Any way you package it, the seven-piece Player’s Combo Set flows seamlessly in consistent 4-degree loft gaps (as Mr. Hogan demanded) from 22-degrees to 46-degrees.  And best of all, you get a customised set that delivers unmatched, personalised playability, feel, and performance.

The Ben Hogan Player’s Combo Set truly is the best of all worlds.

[/tab]ICON Scoring Irons[/title]

ICON blades provide everything better players demand in their scoring irons where precision is key. A thin topline. Minimal offset. Compact head size. Clean, pure and elegant shaping. They’re forged from soft, 1020 carbon steel to deliver that satisfying, buttery pureness that Mr. Hogan once described as a blissful sensation that “... runs from your hands, up your arms and into your heart.”

In addition to looking and feeling great, ICON irons also help you zero in on the pin. Our ingenious “Progressive Centre of Mass” system positions more weight higher in the shorter irons to generate a lower ball flight for better control. This eliminates any ballooning so you can control your trajectory and spin - critical elements to hitting short shots closer to the hole

[/tab]PTx PRO Mid Irons[/title]

PTx PRO irons have quickly become our best-selling model because of their versatility and appeal to a wide variety of players.  Their blade length and top line are slightly longer and thicker than the ICON blade irons and, when combined with just the right amount of offset, provide the ‘look’ at address to swing confidently. 

PTx PRO Irons utilise a proprietary three-piece, multi-material, multi-step co-forging process. This allows us to combine multiple materials into each iron head to deliver a consistent and linear Centre of Gravity (CG) throughout the set.  The mid-irons feature a soft 1025 carbon steel body with a forged MS300 face. Dense tungsten weight is placed in precise and unique locations in each individual clubhead to balance mass across the face and promote straighter ball flight with higher initial launch angles and more spin. This allows you to hold greens better on longer approach shots.

[/tab]Long Iron Options[/title]

Intimidated by lower-lofted irons? We get it. That’s why we give you three options for the longest club in the Player’s Combo Set. We want you to be as comfortable with the long end of your set as you are with the short end.

The PTx PRO #4 iron will work well for many players – it’s a natural extension of the PTx PRO mid-irons.  Like the #5 through #7 irons, the #4 iron is co-forged with precisely positioned heavy Tungsten weighting sandwiched between the forged frame and face.  This ensures that the Centre of Gravity (CG) is located in the centre of the clubface -- promoting a more boring, penetrating trajectory and solid feel on well struck shots, and minimising thinned shots on mishits. 

You can also pick the identically lofted (22 degrees) version of our UiHi utility club that’s designed  to be as easy to hit with the same kind of controlled swing you’d take with shorter irons. Its head dimensions are larger, to instil confidence and make the club appear to be more highly lofted. UiHi’s two-piece forged construction features a hollow interior, deep cavity, and a low-and-rearward CG that helps get shots airborne quickly.

Lastly, if you prefer hitting a hybrid, you can opt for the VKTR+. The clubhead features a high toe that encourages you to swing it more like an iron - the way it should be - instead of sweeping it like you do a wood.  However, bulge and roll, like you’d typically see on a driver or fairway metal, has been added to help bring mishits back online. The face thickness varies from toe to heel and crown to sole to provide exceptional forgiveness, too. With clean lines, lack of disorienting graphics, and minimal offset the VKTR+ hybrid will be your go-to club when you need to hit long and accurate shots from the fairway

[/tab]Aesthetics and Finish Options[/title]

All irons in the Player’s Combo Set are available in a traditional nickel chrome finish only. As with all Ben Hogan irons, iron numbers are etched in red along the sole. Graphics on the rear include the traditional BH sunburst and Ben Hogan signature logos - as well as “ICON” subtly engraved into the high toe and “FORGED” along the length of the hosel. 

The UiHi utility club has a classic Hogan look. Traditional shaping, elegant design, clean lines, and a durable nickel chrome finish that matches the irons. In this case, the utility club number 4 is etched in red along the sole, next to the 22-degree loft designation

The VKTR+ hybrid features a high-gloss black crown and contrasting matte-finished face. The sole combines a polished chrome plate surrounded by black front and back, with the rear portion sporting a red anodised fixed weight screw. Graphics on the sole include the red-and-black Ben Hogan signature logo and the white “VKTR+” near the clubface. Hogan’s renowned red BH Sunburst logo is displayed on the toe, and the red 22-degree loft with a white #4 for the iron equivalent appears along the hosel.


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